Did Caesar Rodney believe in Almighty God, His
grace, blessings – and His Holy Word, the Bible?

In his proclamation designating May 20th, 1779 as “a Day of Fasting, Humiliation and Prayer to Almighty God,” Caesar Rodney attests his belief in Almighty God, beseeching Him to “grant us His grace to repent of our sins, and amend our lives according to His Holy Word…extend the influence of true Religion, and give us that peace of mind which the world cannot give: that He will be our shield in the day of battle, our comfort in the hour of death, and our kind Parent and merciful Judge through time and through Eternity.”

Caesar Rodney’s untimely death, caused by sacrificing “his life, his fortune and his sacred honor” for the cause of independence, occurred in 1784. He is buried in Christ Episcopal Church burial ground in Dover, Delaware.

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