Francis Hopkinson

Signer of the Declaration of Independence

1737 Born in Philadelphia
Graduated from the College of Philadelphia –
as first graduate
1761 Admitted to the bar
Published “The Lawfulness, Excellency and
Advantage of Instrumental Music, in the
Public Worship of God, but chiefly of Organs.”
1774 Appointed to the New Jersey Governor’s Council
Published “A Pretty Story” – a satire,
which lost him his post.
1776 Delegate to the Continental Congress
1776 Signed the Declaration of Independence
1776-78 Served on the Continental Navy Board
Published “The Battle of the Kegs” –
an anti-British satire.
1779-89 Served on the Admiralty Court of Pennsylvania
Published the musical composition,
“Seven Songs for the Harpsichord or Forte-Piano.”
1791 Died in Philadelphia.


Did Francis Hopkinson design the first American flag?

George Washington created the design of the first American flag, and requested Francis Hopkinson, the artist, to draw it. A committee, comprised of George Washington, Colonel George Ross and Robert Morris, all fellow-worshippers at Christ Church, Philadelphia, were appointed by Congress to visit Mrs. Elizabeth Ross, a fellow-worshipper at this church, requesting that she sew the first American flag. Francis Hopkinson, being a member of Christ Church, is buried in Christ Church Graveyard, together with John Ross, the Upholsterer – Betsy Ross’ husband.

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