“Science.” A poem by Francis Hopkinson.

Among Francis Hopkinson’s other published books, anti-British satires and pamphlets, is his 1762 poem, “Science,” dedicated to the Provost, Rev. William Smith, D.D.; the Vice-Provost, Rev. Francis Alison, D.D., Professors and Trustees of the College and Academy of Philadelphia, to include, Rev. Richard Peters; Benjamin Franklin, L.L.D.; Drs. Thomas and Phineas Bond, physicians; Rev. Jacob Duché, D.D.; and Rev. Ebenezer Kinnersley, M.A. Following is an excerpt, commencing with this letter:

It is not without great expectations from your candour and indulgence, that I am encouraged to lay this little Poem at your feet.
I do not flatter myself that your Institution will hereby derive any additional lustre, but only take this opportunity of publickly acknowledging my affection and gratitude to that seat of Science.
May all your undertakings for its advancement meet with more than expected success: And may it never want friends to support it with equal zeal, but greater abilities than I can boast.

Your most obliged and humble servant,
Francis Hopkinson.1

Francis Hopkinson, Esq.

“…In yonder Dome – it boasts no pompous Name,
Yet not the less shall swell the page of Fame –
In yonder dome, with modest Beauty crown’d,
Whose sober walls its ample Area bound,
Bright Science dwells – how honour’d the Retreat
Where Science deigns to fix her fav’rite seat!
High from her Throne she beams celestial Day,
And distant Lands confess th’enliv’ning Ray:
The Gracesever in her Presence stand,
And Virtueblooms beneath her nursing Hand…
There, whilst his breast with sacred Ardor burns
Religion, Justice, Liberty, by Turns,!
And Science too, in more harmonious Strains,
Shall sweetly warble to the woods and plains…”

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Hopkinson, Francis, Esq. Science. A Poem. Philadelphia: Printed by William Dunlap, in Market Street, MDCCLXII. (1762). Library of Congress, Rare Book Collection.

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