Was Thomas Nelson, Jr. a Christian?

This founding father worshipped at Colonial Grace Episcopal Church (c. 1697). His Bible is on exhibition at the Yorktown Old Custom House (c. 1720), in custody of the Daughters of the American Revolution. His wife Lucy’s Bible, Prayer Book and children’s books, catechisms and the colonial hornbook – teaching children the alphabet through Scripture – are exhibited in Thomas Nelson, Jr.’s handsome home. He is buried in Grace Episcopal Church graveyard, his epitaph reading:

General Thomas Nelson, Jr.
Patriot – soldier – Christian-gentleman.

Born December18, 1738. Died January 2, 1789
Mover of the Resolution of May 15, 1776 in the
Virginia Convention instructing her delegates in Congress
to move that body to declare the colonies free and independent
states. Signer of the Declaration of Independence. War Governor
of Virginia. Commissioner of Virginia’s forces.
“He gave all for liberty.”

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