A Children’s Companion Guide to America’s History


Foreword by Dr. James Kennedy, Ph.D.

A history book that you can trust. Taken from original documents, the text and illustrations have been thoroughly researched to ensure accuracy.

Catherine Millard, B.A., M.A., is the recipient of a D. Min. degree in Christian Education.  She was also elected to “Who’s Who among Students in American Colleges and Universities, for outstanding academic achievement.  While particularly good for home schools and Christian schools, this valuable resource is also excellent for parents of public school children. With so many history books having purposely removed any reference to God and Christianity, make sure you are teaching your children the truth!

In this book children will learn:

  • The great Christian landmarks of America's history.
  • The Biblical principles upon which our nation was founded.
  • The true meaning of the First Amendment Clause – Separation of Church and (from interference by) the State.

This book includes:

  • 31 lessons covering the founding period of America.
  • Text from original writings and quotations of the founding fathers.
  • Illustrations taken from original paintings and sculptures.
  • Study questions, assignments and Bible memorization verses related to our nation's Christian history.
  • Answers to study questions for teachers and parents.
  • Definitions of terms from Noah Webster's original dictionary.
  • Bibliographic information.
  • Historic guide to Christian heritage sites for school field trips, homeschool, family, or church groups

88 pages.

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