The Christian Heritage of our Nation History Book – Ten National Landmarks


Students will learn:

  • Great Christian landmarks of America’s history.
  • The Christian character traits, virtues, values, and morals upon which our nation was founded.
  • The Biblical principles undergirding our unique Republic under God.

Excellent for Christian schools, homeschoolers, parents, and public school teachers – in lieu of the historic revisionism permeating our nation’s educational system today. Written for 12 years old upwards, 10 lessons, 32 class sessions, teachers’ guides, pupils’ guides and 76 illustrations taken from original Great Master artists.  Comprises original documents, writings, and addresses, including:

  • Christopher Columbus’ Christianity.
  • George Washington’s Prayers of Repentance: his Addresses to the churches.
  • The Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, and Bill of Rights.
  • George Mason’s Virginia Declaration of Rights.
  • The Ten Commandments engraved in national landmarks.
  • U.S. Presidents’ Inaugural Scriptures and their family Bibles, commencing with George Washington, 1789.

The Christian character traits and godliness of America’s greatest founders, leaders, statesmen, inventors, and heroes having been purposefully removed from most U.S. history books – make sure that you teach your students the truth!

260 pages.

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