Great American Statesmen and Heroes


This is a unique history book – one you can trust. It is a “must” for each and every admirer of America’s authentic history. Catherine Millard, B.A., M.A., D. Min. in Christian Education, is the recipient of the George Washington Honor Medal and the Faith and Freedom Religious Heritage of America Award. Current history books have purposely removed any mention of the Christian character traits and godliness of America’s greatest founding fathers, leaders, statesmen, inventors and heroes. This book covers Discovery, Colonial, Revolutionary War and Civil War periods. Make sure that you know the truth!

Great American Statesmen and Heroes is the fourth book in Catherine Millard’s insightful series on America’s Christian history. This carefully researched and documented book is a valuable resource for Christian schools, homeschoolers, parents and public school teachers to use as a history supplement.
Included are:

  • Text from original writings, documents, quotations, of founding fathers.
  • Illustrations taken from original paintings, sculptures and historic sites.
  • George Washington’s prayer life.
  • Abraham Lincoln’s autobiography.

Covers the lives of Christopher Columbus, Pocahontas, William Bradford, Rogers Williams, Thomas Hooker, William Penn, George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry, Caesar Rodney, Noah Webster, Nathan Hale, Daniel Webster, and many others – 39 in all.

309 pages.

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