The Christian Heritage of the 50 United States of America


This book comprises the Christian heritage of the 50 United States of America inherent in their State Constitutions, Seals, Insignias, Bibles, Mottos, Songs, Hymns, Coats of Arms, Flags, historical records, anecdotes, and memorabilia. In addition, it includes numerous States’ greatest heroes and heroines chosen to represent them in the U.S. Capitol’s National Hall of Fame. Many of these distinguished persons were pastors, evangelists and missionaries.

Do you know …

  • Who wrote the Pledge of Allegiance to our Flag?
  • From what famous sermon does “Under God” originate?
  • That all 50 State Constitutions glorify God?
  • Which preacher of the Gospel had “In God We Trust” engraved on our U.S. currency?
  • Which State motto, chosen by a sixth-grade student, is from Matthew 19:26?
  • Which one of the original 13 States based its Motto on Psalm 80?
  • That the Mississippi State Constitution prohibits the removal of the Holy Bible from her public schools?
  • Whose Hall of Fame Hero is called “The Fighting Parson?”

You’ll find these and many other interesting facts about your 50 United States in this unique volume. You’ll be excited as you discover the authentic identity of each State, expressed in the original sources of America’s history.

339 pages.

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