Stories from Bible History for Home and School, 1884.


One of the greatest defects seen in our days is the lack of home and school instruction in Bible History.  Widespread ignorance exists concerning the facts, persons, places and sequences of the pre-Mosaic, Israelite and New Testament accounts.  This book is invaluable for parents and teachers, in developing the soul of youth by the study of the pure depths of holy History.  To achieve the best results, both memorizing Scripture and reviewing are necessary.  The “Story” is the student’s part of the lesson. The “Review” and “Notes” assist both student and teacher.  52 lessons; over 60 magnificent illustrations capturing the biblical narrative in Israel, and 750 Bible words and terms explained by the “Notes.”

This book is excellent for family Bible Study, Devotions, Sunday Schools and witnessing. It contains a superb chronology of Biblical events from Genesis to Revelation.
193 pages.

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