The Christian Heritage of our Nation History Book – U.S. Presidents and Their Churches


This history book is excellent for Christian schools, homeschoolers, Sunday Schools, parents, and public school teachers. 4 lessons, 24 class sessions, Teachers’ Guides, Pupils’ Guides.

  • Text from original prime source documents.
  • Illustrations taken from original Great Master paintings, sculptures, mosaics, stained-glass windows, tapestries and architectural masterpieces.
  • Evidence of U.S. Presidents’ Christianity in their churches.
  • “The President’s Pew” with its Christian heritage.

Students will learn:

  • Abraham Lincoln’s original family pew and its significance.
  • “The Chapel of the Presidents” – President Eisenhower’s Prayer for the nation.
  • Thomas Jefferson’s handwritten First Draught of the Declaration of Declaration of Independence (with its Anti-Slavery clause).
  • Abraham Lincoln’s hand-written Gettysburg Address.
  • George Washington’s Last Will and Testament – emancipating his Slaves.
  • An Exposé of Revisionist History Textbooks – from original sources.

249 pages.

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