What church did John Adams attend, and who
was his pastor?

John Adams and his family attended the famous Brattle Square Congregational Church, in Boston, (c. 1698-1805) together with fellow-worshipers, Samuel Adams and John Hancock; their pastor being Rev. Samuel Cooper, D.D., who was chosen by John Hancock, Speaker, the Senate and House of Representatives of Massachusetts to preach a Sermon on the first day of General Election under the new Constitution – October 25th, 1780. His Sermon was based upon Scripture – Jeremiah, chapter 30, verses 20, 21 – “Their congregation shall be established before Me: and their Nobles shall be of themselves, and their Governor shall proceed from the midst of them.”

John Adams was a regular worshipper at the Old Pine Street Presbyterian Church, being ministered to by the Scriptural preaching of his pastor, Rev. George Duffield, during the assembly of Congress in Philadelphia. 1

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